Kern Pratt

Kern Pratt was born in Greenville Mississippi and grew up with the blues. Living it. Breathing it. Experiencing it. Becoming it. Playing it. You can feel the emotion in every note he sings; every strum of the guitar. Kern Pratt has the blues and he shows it off in every song on Greenville, MS…What About You.

Now, drawing on life experiences and events, Pratt is writing about and singing the blues. He shares feelings and emotions that are truthful, raw and transparent. When he plays, the blues come alive!

Kern is an emotional artist and man, he wears his feelings close to the surface, and they show up in his music in wonderful ways.  Kern wrote “Loving that Feeling”, the opening track, about a good time that is in the past on a particularly good day, while “Torn Between Love and Hate” is Kern’s song about a bad time in his life. He wrote “Something’s Gone Wrong” after a spat with his lady while getting ready for the studio and this album.  Kern chose to cover some of his favorite songs that hit the same notes, including Mick Kolassa’s “Baby’s Got Another Lover”, a song about a partner’s addiction, Larry Van Loon’s “Rita”, another song about addiction, as well as other numbers that tell real life stories – which is what blues music is all about!  The album closes with Kern’s tribute to Bobby Rush, Bobby’s song “Chicken Heads”, Kern is joined on this track by fellow Endless Blues Artist Jeff Jensen and his band and they have a ball with this great song.

New Release Available December 2, 2019 – PRE-ORDER NOW!

Sister Lucille – Alive

Musical cross-pollination creates unique and rare artists. On their new release, Alive, Sister Lucille presents a potent collection of original modern blues. It’s powerfully delivered with a soulful twang, a mighty rhythm section and sublime guitar work!

Sister Lucille features the wedded duo of Kimberly Dill and Jamie Holdren. When they got together their musical worlds collided in a fusion of Country, rock and blues.

Alive encompasses the entire band’s influences in American roots music, which include; Blues, Country, Rock, Soul and Funk. Sister Lucille has put together a strong and playful set of fresh blues rockers with a little help from some Memphis friends.

Release date is October 15th 2019… ORDER NOW HERE ->

Tennessee Redemption

Introducing a brand new project featuring Brandon Santini, Jeff Jensen, Timo Arthur, Bill Ruffino, and David Green. Album and release tour coming September 2019!

Tennessee Redemption is a hard band to put in a box: Steeped in blues, raised on rock’n’roll, inspired by soul, baptized by gospel, and open minded as jazz; this band is an evolution in the personal artistry of its members.

  • Brandon Santini / Lead Vocals, Harmonica
  • Jeff Jensen / Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Timo Arthur / Guitar, Vocals
  • Bill Ruffino / Bass, Vocals
  • David Green / Drums, Vocals

Tullie Brae – Revelation

Tullie Brae — Revelation

Tullie Brae is a celebrated performer who is known for setting stages on fire.  With this new album Tullie teamed with producer Jeff Jensen to take listeners on an adventure through the blues. From hard rocking and dark imaginary journeys to soft and emotional ballads, this album demonstrates Tullie’s skill in songwriting and her amazing vocal range and quality.  Above all, in REVELATON Tullie is using her deep love and mastery of the blues to reveal and celebrate a strong and independent woman.  Tullie developed her musical chops in churches in Louisiana, and she used that experience to bring her fans some very exciting new music.  On this album, which consists of 10 songs written by Tullie, her voice shines as she uses all the dynamics of that special instrument – and she plays piano, Hammond B3 and slide guitar on various tracks, demonstrating her versatility and as a musician.

REVELATION opens with “Price of the Blues”, a powerful song about domestic violence and home-grown justice that isa fan favorite in her live shows.  Next is “Seven Bridges”, a song about seeking redemption and a soul cleansing brought to you in a style that comes straight from church by way of the Delta Juke Joints.  “Mississippi Rain,” the third track tells the story of a failed love that won’t fade from memory. “Break These Chains” tells of a bad relationship and the woman’s need to end it, while “New Shoes,” celebrates friendships that make her feel – Like a pair of new shoes!.

“Devil In Deville” is a driving Hill Country song about a battle between a country preacher and the Devil.  “Ain’t No Good” further explores a bad relationship while “Watch Her Move” celebrates women who have risen from adversity – watch her move!  With “Shine” Tullie challenges her listeners to rise above adversity and let their lights shine!  The album closes with “Thank You Mom,” a moving and emotional song that delivers on its title.

Throughout this album Tullie demonstrates her amazing talents as a songwriter and performer, it is a true REVELATION.

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In Layman Terms – Strong Roots


Cole and Logan Layman have grown up making music together. In 2015 they met Hamed Barbarji, and this would be the beginning of an amazing friendship and a passionate collaboration! Nick Davidson joined the band in 2017 to complete this solid foursome. The band members are multi-instrumentalists and write original music. Their unique and diverse sound ranges from gritty, foot-stomping acoustic work, to that of an electrified big-band. There are Americana undertones and a hint of modern flair in their music. They are very excited to release this sophomore album, “Strong Roots.” In Layman Terms’ Debut album “Tangled,” released in 2016, received rave reviews and has been played on radio stations all over the country and internationally.

The band may be young, but they are experienced and they are not strangers to accolades. The siblings have performed Nationally as a duo, and Hamed is an International performer. Nick has played up and down the East Coast. Logan was named Veer Magazine’s Emerging Artist of the Year in 2015. She was the Sea Level Singer/Songwriter’s Emerging Artist of the year in 2014. In 2013, she was named “Blues Kid of the Year.” Logan endorses Ernie Ball Music Man basses, and was featured in Bass Player magazine in 2016. Cole endorses Steve Clayton custom guitar pics. Cole and Logan both endorse Farmer Foot Drums. Cole and Logan are proud inductees into The Brotherhood of the Guitar, an elite group of young guitarists from all over the world. They appeared together in the August, 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.


149 Delta Avenue


After releasing two critically acclaimed albums of other people’s music, Mick is back to what he loves the most: recording and releasing what he calls his own “Free Range Blues.” This new album, 149 Delta Avenue, covers a multitude of blues styles and sub-genres. Mick has assembled a collection of fine new original songs and three of his favorites written by others. To bring this body of work to life he has brought together a stellar group of musicians that include the Taylor Made Blues Band, and some great guests.

For this album Mick teamed with Grammy® Award and BMA winning producer Michael Freeman. The Taylor Made Blues Band for this album consists of David Dunavent on guitar and backing vocals, Leo Goff on bass, Lee Williams on drums and Chris Stephenson on keyboards, with Susan Marshall and Daunielle (“Pie”) Hill on backing vocals. Stepping up to add their magic are special guests Jeff Jensen, Eric Hughes, J,D. Taylor, Toronzo Cannon, Marc Franklin, Kirk Smother. Alice Hasen, Suavo Jones, and Marty Sammon (with Engineer Mike Wilson offering his whistling skills). Taking full advantage of his tastes and experience and the talents of the amazing musicians who helped him put this together, Mick has once again delivered a real treat for his listeners.

The album opens with Mick’s song “I Can’t Slow Down”, which is his confessional about how he lives, followed by “US 12 to Highway 49”, which traces his lifelong blues odyssey. “Alternative Man” is a sexy blues tune in the classic “macho” sense, treated two different ways on this album. “Cotton Road” is a powerhouse song that Mick wrote after a conversation with the curator of Memphis’ Cotton Museum and driving on the road on which he lives (Cotton Road). “I Don’t Need no Doctor”, a song introduced by Ray Charles but also delivered by Humble Pie and others, has a special place in Mick’s heart, as does Larry Garner’s great composition, “Miss Boss”, which has been a mainstay in his live shows for years. Then there’s “The Viper”, which is just a fun song!

Taken as a whole, this album represents Mick’s love of all styles of blues, as well as his continuing drive to improve as an artist and a songwriter.


Endless Blues Records


Endless Blues Records is a different kind a record company. We started as a “personal” label for Mick Kolassa and have expanded to work with other artists. Our goal is to help independent artists get their music recorded in a quality way and made available broadly. We work with artists in several different ways from simply providing logistic help and advice to help with get the recording released and promoted to fully financing the production of an album.
We’re a small firm with limited resources so we’re going to be selective in the folks we can help and do more with it. We are not seeking new artists at this time but are actively evaluating potential future partners.