Mick Kolassa – Wooden Music

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In doing this album Mick wanted to really craft the songs, not just play them. We knew from the beginning that this would be another totally acoustic album, by choosing to restrict ourselves to just acoustic instruments it drove a cool creativity. We wanted to really show that an acoustic album can sound as big and full as one using the typical electric instruments – being acoustic doesn’t mean that it has to be sparse (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Mick is blessed with amazing musical friends, and many joined him on this album. Of course, Jeff Jensen came onboard, both as producer and as principal guitarist. Tom Lonardo and Carl Casperson, who added their magic to “They Call Me Uncle Mick” provided a rock-solid rhythm section that held it all together. Doug MacLeod also brought his special magic to the two songs that open the album and, of course, Eric Hughes was a critical par of the team. Eric is the only musician (other than Mick) who has played on every one of Mick’s albums – it wouldn’t be a Mick album without Eric!

This album also highlights the skills of two other harp players, and they really delivered! Bob Corritore and Mick had often talked about working together and this album provided the opportunity. You’ll see that Bob really delivered. The other harp player is Vince Johnson, who isn’t widely known outside of Beale Street but sure needs to be – and you’ll agree when you hear what he did.

Tas Cru and Mick have worked together often, and Tas provides a beautiful guitar part to the song Memphis Wood. Tas has the ability to put himself inside the song and work to make it better, and he di just that! Another longtime friend, Libby Rae Watson, was the ONLY person Mick wanted to join him on the vocals for the song “Baby Took A Limo to Memphis” – not just because of her vocal talent (which is wonderful) but her attitude, which fit the song perfectly, as you will see.

The remaining guests have worked with Mick on several projects, and have always made things better. Reba Russell and Susan Marshall are well known and respected in the music world, and if you don’t know who they are you really need to check them out! What they brought to the song “Hurt People Hurt People” is simply stunning.